March 24, 2014


November 26, 2013
Nastasic Poll Result + The Delight That is TunnelCam

Dear City Bromance enthusiasts, how is your day? Are you all still purring from that 6-0 tickling of Spurs? I know I am!

I thought nothing could be more delightful… Until I saw the tunnel cam!

But first thing first, the result of your poll is in. People demand that the best Nastasic’s brotp is…. 2014 Balkan Boys! With Nastasic, Dzeko, Kolarov and Jovetic, the more the merrier they say!

Enjoy the ship before it sinks guys, that Dzeko to Germany rumor is getting louder!

And now, for the tunnel cam

It seems like day by day, our bromance ship is getting stronger and stronger. In the last episode of tunnel cam, players who are out injured show up to support their teammates!

First we’ve got our ever dependable skipper, Kompany.

(chumming up the enemy’s manager, getting their guard down for the upcoming bulldozing)

Then there is also David and Stevan, all coming for moral support!

(Bromance moral support is the best support!)

And what better moral support there is than…

A good nose pinch…

And good ol’ kisses?

And why nobody gif this kiss is beyond me! You disappoint me, bromance enthusiasts!

I’m pretty sure that plays a part in Aguero’s brace in that match!

With Plzen match coming up in the Etihad, let’s hope Stevan still got more lucky kisses to give!

ps: If I miss other injured player on the tunnel cam, please tell me :) ?

November 13, 2013
Poll: Matija Nastasic’s Brotp?


As per anon request, here’s more of Nastasic Bromance.

(long bromances below the cut!)

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November 9, 2013

Anonymous said: More matija nastasic bromances?please?

I’ll try to dig up some more. Let’s hope he gives us a good bromance materials this sunday >:3

November 8, 2013
Zabaleta and Nastasic: Budding Bromance?

City Bromance enthusiast, let’s play game of guessing. Is he kissing him or is this a result of a fortunate photo angle?


Nevertheless, doesn’t it remind you of an occurrence a few days earlier?


gif by kiimi


Outside the field, our serbian hatchling is never separated from his balkan bros. But could these photos be sign of a new bromance to prosper? 

Only time will tell, but let’s hope Nastasic keeps scoring goals so we can see where his kisses fly next ;)

ps: nastasic’s goal has been ruled as norwich own goal (@premierleague) which is bullshit but it’ll still be your goal forever in our heart, nasta ;p

November 4, 2013


so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This just begs for captions.

November 4, 2013

I wonder if he looked at his little teammates like I would at kittens… You just got to hug them all!

(Source: s86410)

November 4, 2013
A Bromance in Peril? Joe Hart & Costel Pantilimon

You might remember these;

The two goalkeepers have always been close, and usually are one of our constant source of bromance cuteness.

(Hugging just because!)

But has thing changed lately? In the FA cup pictures earlier, despite the bittersweet clusterfuck that is FA cup final, in the end they embraced each other warmly.

But last weekend, Costel just played one of the most important match in his career, his first premierleague match. And, well, no congratulatory hugs or even handshake from Joe, as he rushed to the dressing room after the match was over.

Will this reverse of position affect their bromance? Will they ever give us a series of cute hugging pics again? Only time will tell!

January 29, 2013
Bromance Tag?


So… Do you guys have any idea for bromances tag? Our players names are a bit tricky to be put together :P something like dzekotelli is easy, but Hart + Silva? Dzeko + Nastasic + Kolarov? What would it be?

January 23, 2013
Bromance? Bromance!


First post,yay. mcfc-bromance-chronicle is open for business. Submissions welcomed!

So, Just made this blog on a whim to compile all the things mcfc bromance :)

First thing first,
What is your favorite bromance in MCFC? (reply with pics encouraged ;-))